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Independent Mercedes Specialists


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Mercedes Service

Mercedes service is what we sell. We pride ourselves on our service work. Between our two master technicians, and owner Mark Twigg, there are 50 years of experience working on Mercedes cars. Add to this the wonderful abilities of Patrick Johnson and you have a great team of professionals to keep your car well maintained. Undivided attention is given to every customer including updates, authorisation for the repairs and collection and delivery.

We consider ourselves a “dealership alternative”. We can complete all the scheduled maintenance to keep your car in top condition as well as your warranty. During service, if we find a problem that requires warranty repair, we will bring this to your attention.

Twg has a wide variety of tooling and expertise to effect just about any kind of repair that your Mercedes might require. From engine re-builds to cabriolet tops, from electrical problems to annoying rattles, our staff is well equipped to return your Mercedes to its original condition in a professional manner. We also pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest computer software, such as the Mercedes system tester updates, Mercedes Dealer updates and factory tooling.